Benzer Pharmacy Selected for a Limited Distribution Drug, Purixan®

Benzer Pharmacy Selected for Aralast™ Distribution

Patients with Hereditary Emphysema can seek Aralast™, a limited distribution drug from America’s fastest growing independent specialty pharmacy chain. Benzer Pharmacy is now a specialty provider for Aralast™, a limited distribution drug. Aralast™ is also known as Alpha 1 proteinase inhibitor (A1PI).  The drug treats patients with hereditary emphysema. Aralast™ is made from human blood products to... (Read more)
National Diabetes Awareness Month

Treatment Tuesday: Diabetes Self-Management Support in Benzer Pharmacies

According to the American Diabetes Association, there are over 18.8 million Americans that have been diagnosed with diabetes. An additional 86 million people are estimated to be either living without a diabetes diagnosis or on the spectrum of pre-diabetes. In total, over 100 million Americans are at risk of experiencing diabetes symptoms. What that Means... (Read more)

Good Riddance: October 28th is National Take Back Day

We’ve all faced the dilemma at one time or another. Maybe we ordered an online refill before the doctor was convinced that there was a need, and now there’s not. Perhaps they are/were part of a service which automatically sends them out each month. It could be a situation where the potency is in question... (Read more)
Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury Protection

Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Protection: Important Facts

When you think of Personal Insurance Protection and Workers’ Compensation, you most likely envision two different types of coverage. Personal injury protection or PIP insurance is an extension of car insurance products that compensates any injury incurred in a car accident — regardless of who was at fault. It covers medical expenses, pharmacy expenses and... (Read more)
Increasing Specialty Drug Prices Could Bring Down Insurers, Consumers

Increasing Specialty Drug Prices Could Bring Down Insurers, Consumers

Specialty drugs are medications for chronic or complex health conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and tumors. They need to be handled, administered and monitored in a specific and meticulous manner. Hence, specialty drug prices are expensive. In fact, they are defined as high-cost prescription medications, as they empty patients’ pockets in no time. The... (Read more)
4 trends that may impact retail pharmacy business

4 Trends That May Impact the Business of Retail Pharmacy

Under this new administration, one can expect a change in the business of retail pharmacy. The change can be good or bad for the industry. This could also have an impact on health insurers and consumers. Retail pharmacy trends to watch out for Increase of in-house mail order refill programs To date, only 44% of respondents, including... (Read more)
Erectile Dysfunction

Best Generic Drug For Erectile Dysfunction

What is Erectile Dysfunction? Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the condition of being unable to get and maintain an erection which can affect sexual performance. It is very common for men to suffer from erection issues, which can impact confidence. It also results in relationship trouble if it becomes an ongoing problem. Causes Factors such as... (Read more)