Benzer Pharmacy Selected to Dispense Purixan®

Posted By: benzer | December 16, 2016
Benzer Pharmacy Selected for a Limited Distribution Drug, Purixan®

Benzer Pharmacy has been approved to dispense Purixan® as a partner for limited distribution drugs based on the pharmacy’s expertise in clinical excellence.

A product of Rare Disease Therapeutics, Inc., Purixan® is the first FDA-Approved oral suspension form of mercaptopurine. Purixan® offers flexibility and accuracy of dosing, consistent absorption and is a palatable alternative to current mercaptopurine therapies.

Purixan® is indicated for the treatment of patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) as a part of a combination regimen.

“Purixan is only available to certain specialty pharmacies and Benzer Pharmacy is thrilled to be selected to dispense this limited distribution drug,” says Lindsay Wall, Benzer Pharmacy Chief Clinical Officer.

Benzer Pharmacy will deliver Purixan® through three of its full service stores located at:
301 Havendale Blvd. Auburndale, FL 33823; 6300 Commerce Dr. Westland, MI 48185; and 725 County Rd 466 Lady Lake, FL 32159.

For more information, including initiating a prescription for use of Purixan® or for assistance in locating a pharmacy to dispense Purixan® call: 877-4-BENZER

For more information about Purixan® can be found at

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