340B program drug pricing is a negotiated process between pharmaceutical companies and the government

340B Program Drug Pricing

The 340B program emerged in the early nineties under the Bush administration to provide a pharmaceutical purchasing reductions for specific covered entities. In essence, pharmaceutical manufacturers were asked to provide discounted drug pricing to private, non-profit or government-owned institutions where high drug costs can be detrimental to the intended public service. More specifically, children’s hospitals,... (Read more)
Thе 340B drug discount program іѕ nоw а U.S federal government program thаt requires drug manufacturers tо provide outpatient drugs tо eligible health care organizations аt а significantly reduced price.

340B Drug Discount Program

340B Drug Discount Program The 340B Drug Discount Program was created during the era of President George H. W Bush and was passed by Congress into law in 1992. The 340B drug discount program is now a U.S. federal government program that requires drug manufacturers to provide outpatient drugs to eligible health care organizations at... (Read more)