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All You Need to Know about Medication Therapy Management Program (MTM)

In recent years, medication therapy management (MTM) has been a hot topic in pharmacology. As a patient-centric approach, MTM aims to bridge the gap between pharmacists and patients, maximizing outcomes for both. MTM is an umbrella term used to describe a variety of services such as pharmacotherapy consultation, anticoagulation management, health and wellness programs, immunizations... (Read more)

Good Riddance: October 28th is National Take Back Day

We’ve all faced the dilemma at one time or another. Maybe we ordered an online refill before the doctor was convinced that there was a need, and now there’s not. Perhaps they are/were part of a service which automatically sends them out each month. It could be a situation where the potency is in question... (Read more)
Top 5 Reasons Why Generic Drugs are Cheaper

Top 5 Reasons Why Generic Drugs are Cheaper

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), eight out of ten prescriptions filled in the country are for generic drugs. In addition, the popularity of the generic drugs would increase in the coming years. They are as effective as branded drugs and less costly. Generic drugs have the same efficacy, strength, and dosage, as innovator... (Read more)