Medicare, does it really save you money?

Posted By: benzer | November 26, 2014

CMS Medicare wants you to believe that it’s cheaper than filling your medications at a local pharmacy.

Recent studies found that CMS Medicare mail order prescriptions are actually more expensive than local pharmacies. The research was conducted by U.S. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

“This analysis should be a wake-up call to any employer, government agency or other sponsor of a health care plan that blindly accepts the recommendations of PBMs when it comes to drug benefit design and incentivizing mail order utilization,” said Douglas Hoey, National Community Pharmacists Association CEO, in a release issued Tuesday. “Mail order is not for everyone and its appeal as a cost-saver is severely undermined by Medicare’s analysis. Instead, health plans should allow patients to choose the pharmacy that best meets their health needs and helps them get the most out of their prescription drug regimen.”

Not only are their prices higher in at least 21 different Medicare plans but one must know that a vast number of patients has gone without medications because of delays such as; weather, promises of shipment has not been shipped, stolen prescriptions when left at the door or mailbox, spoiled medication because it needs to be refrigerated, and the possibility of someone else getting your prescription open the box and discovering what kind of medications you are taking. A survey for missing medications has been done as well and a whopping 85% of patients have reported missing medication and had to pay twice because the person missing the medication would have to run to a local pharmacy to get an “emergency fill” because they did not receive their mail order medication. Another problem with mail order is that your prescription must be written in a 90 day supply. So if there is any adjustment to your medications the patient is stuck with the extra prescription and dispose of it. But you’ve already paid for it and will not receive compensation for destroying it.

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