Get Flu Season Off to a Flying Stop: Benzer Pharmacy Stands Ready to Help You Start

Posted By: benzer | October 12, 2018

Get Flu Season Off to a Flying Stop: Benzer Pharmacy Stands Ready to Help You Start

No one can predict when the flu might strike, but everyone can and should prepare. That’s the consensus view of healthcare experts who recommend yearly vaccination by a flu shot or nasal spray in adults of all ages and in children as young as six months. And yet, according to statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), less than half of Americans go through with it.
That’s disconcerting for multiple reasons. In particular, the risk of infected people who unknowingly spread the disease to others when first contagious—the day before they start to feel the effects.
In an article posted on earlier this month, National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) Medical Director William Schaffner underscored CDC findings that those carrying the flu virus are contagious just prior to experiencing symptoms and for as much as a full week after the onset. “Nobody wants to be the dreaded spreader,” Schaffner said. “[The flu shot] is the socially correct thing to do.”

Just as importantly, it’s important to recognize the mistakes many make in underestimating how dangerous the flu can be—both to at-risk elderly populations, as well as to younger, healthy individuals. Or, the misguided belief that you can catch the flu from the flu shot itself.
Schaffner admits that some might experience soreness or swelling at the injection point, but in reality, nothing more than that. A small number, about “1 to 2 percent,” may get a degree a fever, but that’s due to the body’s reaction to the vaccine, not a symptom of the virus.

The importance of immunization for pregnant women

As daunting as influenza can be to the healthiest among us, it can have an even more dramatic impact on pregnant women. Laura E. Riley, MD, chair of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at Weil Cornel Medicine, cited immunization being crucial to avoid complications during pregnancy, as well as birth defects.
In a late September 2018 piece that appeared on, Riley explained that women with influenza were more likely to become hospitalized during the “second and third trimesters,” and subsequently deliver prematurely. However, the virus protection afforded by the flu vaccine has been shown to penetrate the placenta; in turn, protecting both the child and mother prior-to and post-childbirth. Good reason to go “mild” about the flu shot

Last year’s flu season was among the worst in modern memory, but many remain quick to forget how debilitating the disease can be. If it’s been a few years since you’ve caught the flu, you might count yourself among the many skeptics who don’t see the vaccination as a “must have.” Schaffner, for one, believes that’s a serious miscalculation.
“Your illness is likely to be milder,” Schaffner says, directing his comments to holdouts. Truth told if you do happen to catch the flu, the vaccine does still offer some protection which can mitigate or shorten the length of any accompanying illness. Either way, “The time to get vaccinated is right now.”
Get your flu shot today at Benzer Pharmacy Flu season officially began just a couple of weeks ago, but Benzer Pharmacy is already stocked-up and ready to administer the vaccine by request. No appointments are needed. Just walk right in and up to the counter, and one of our licensed pharmacy staff members will walk you through the process from start-to-finish.
The only thing you have to lose is a bigger chance of catching the flu. Not a bad thing to gain, actually!
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