5 Reasons Why Pharmacists Should Consider An Independent Community Pharmacy

Posted By: benzer | November 27, 2017
Happier Independent Pharmacists

So, you’ve just spent eight years earning your credentials. You’ve studied dosages and amounts, reactions and side effects. You’ve even brushed up on what’s probably the most difficult part of your new chosen profession – reading a doctor’s horrible handwriting. From filling prescription medications to consulting with consumers about their medical needs, the independent pharmacists have come a long way from their days as a mere lab coat behind the counter.

But there’s another hurdle you have to overcome as you begin your professional career – what kind of work environment do you want to be involved in? There are many options out there, from huge chain retail outlets and online drug stores to neighborhood mom and pop establishments. Indeed, the size of your future employer may be one of the many factors you take into consideration as you prepare to hang up your shingle, and at Benzer Pharmacies, we think smaller and independent is better.

In fact, here are five factors which may influence the career decision of independent pharmacists:


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(1) More Flexibility In Scheduling And Daily Activities

A smaller business means a more relaxed, flexible environment. The pharmacy can adjust scheduling to fit an employee’s personal needs. There’s also less chance of being locked into a specific set of daily chores. An independent community pharmacy also taps into an individual’s strengths, allowing them to shine whereas a major big box retailer or online drugstore may not offer that option, or even consider it.

(2) More Customer/Community Interaction, With The Ability To Make A Difference

Most of us chose careers for the chance to make a difference. We want to be active in our jobs, not stuck in a single assignment mindless plugging away for a paycheck. An independent community pharmacy allows for a more hands-on experience, one where you can interact with your customer base and the community they live in. This allows you to play a part in their life, to make a difference and share your knowledge and training.


Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/466474473885945176/?lp=true

(3) More Opportunities for Independent Pharmacists to Be Their Own Boss

No matter how hard they try, big retail can never create the kind of family atmosphere available in a small, independent community pharmacy. Such immediacy allows for a more friendly and collaborative close-knit work environment where everyone feels appreciated. It also allows you more opportunities to be your own boss, to make decisions independent of the company boardroom and to help your clients the best way you can.

(4)  More Freedom With Less Red Tape and Bureaucracy

In a big multinational, there are all kinds of corporate rules and regulations. They can go above and beyond those already set by the federal government, state agencies, and local licensing organizations. Because they are small, employees of an independent community pharmacy are able to speak out and bring their ideas and innovations to the table. They are not locked into one way of doing things, determined by a committee, and ruled by outside consultants and concerns.

(5) More Choices, Including In Career Advancement

For big retail or a major discount pharmacy, it’s all on the bottom line. No matter how good you are, or the kind of job you are doing, the corporate structure and overall business model can keep you stuck into a certain set of responsibilities. An independent community pharmacy can offer such perks as partnership opportunities, a larger managerial role, and the chance to branch out and focus on your area of expertise.

This is why a Benzer Pharmacy franchise is perfect for someone who wants an option beyond the nameless, faceless confines of the major national chain. Our outlets are independently owned and operated, targeting the local community and the more concerning client. Even if you aren’t a newcomer to the industry and are looking for a change, Benzer offers fast forward career movement potential and a higher quality of job satisfaction.  You spent years earning your credentials. Don’t spend the same amount of time in an unfulfilling work environment.

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