10 reasons Independent Pharmacies are Better than Chain Pharmacies

Posted By: benzer | March 2, 2017
10 reasons Independent Pharmacies are Better than Chain Pharmacies

Reasons to use Benzer Pharmacy, one of the nation’s leading independent pharmacies, over chain pharmacies

Customer Service

The staff at Benzer Pharmacy, one of the nation’s leading independent pharmacies, knows each customer and understand their needs including having time to listen to their questions.

The staff at chain pharmacies work in shifts. Hence there are too many customers to remember names and needs.

Relationship with Customer

With Benzer Pharmacy, there is stability in staff. As a result, customers are treated as family because they deal with the same pharmacist and staff everyday, therefore helping build a happy relationship.

The staff at chain pharmacies change shifts everyday. Hence customers are just but a number.

Payment Help

In Benzer Pharmacy, credit options for customers with tight budgets/cash. The pharmacy works with monthly/Bi-weekly payments. * Some restrictions may apply.

Chain pharmacies have no flexibility.

Wait Time Consideration

Benzer Pharmacy offers a wait time less than 15 minutes.

On the other hand, the wait time at chain pharmacies is between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Delivery Service

Benzer Pharmacy offers Free delivery. There are no hidden fees or purchase amount necessary.

Chain pharmacies offer No delivery. If offered at a location, customer will require a minimum amount or payment of service.

Cash Price Savings

Benzer Pharmacy saves customers 20%-30% when paying without insurance.

On the other hand, chain pharmacies have 20%-30% HIGHER costs than an independent pharmacy.

Customized Packaging

Benzer Pharmacy offers Free customized packaging to customers who take 6 or more drugs. This helps customers organize their medication.

This is not an option for chain pharmacies

Prior Authorization

If a drug requires prior authorization, Benzer Pharmacy takes the extra step to get prescription approved.

On the contrary, this is available in chain pharmacies only if the pharmacist has time to get approval. This is not a standard process.

Specialty Medication and Discount Prescriptions

Benzer Pharmacy offers specialty medication, brand names, and generic medication. In addition, the pharmacy offers a prescription discount card with unlimited savings and discounts. Also, most generic drugs start at $4.

With chain pharmacies, specialty medication is available at limited locations. This is through their personal company in a central facility serving several stores in the whole state.

Patient Assistance Program.

Benzer Pharmacy is participating in all manufacturer coupons and non profit organizations to help patients with higher copay or no insurance.

With chain pharmacies, this is available in limited locations.


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