How To Protect Yourself From Influenza

Posted By: benzer | December 6, 2017
Influenza protection

As the holidays approach, so does the flu. While we’re busy eating turkey, hosting family and exchanging gifts, this highly contagious influenza virus spreads through homes, workplaces, and schools. The flu can cause complications such as dehydration, pneumonia, infections and, even, death. Yet many Americans continue to put themselves at risk through flu season.

To protect yourself, follow this simple flu guide.

What Is The Flu?

The flu is a severe respiratory illness caused by the influenza virus. The flu is most prominent in the winter and early spring seasons but can appear throughout the year, in any climate. Symptoms of the flu include high fever, body aches, coughing, chest pain and fatigue.

How To Protect Against Influenza:

1.Get Vaccinated.

As recommended by the CDC, flu shots should be given annually, to everyone over the age of 6 months. Flu shot from the previous year will not protect against this year’s flu. Vaccines available in your local pharmacy are composed of the flu viruses that are expected to be most lethal that season.

2.  Practice Good Health Habits.

  • Keep your distance from sick people.
  • Refrain from touching your, or your children’s’ eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Disinfect objects that are touched frequently including phones, keyboard and door handles.

3. Take Medication If Prescribed.

Antiviral drugs are often prescribed to lessen recovery time from the flu. These drugs can also help to prevent serious complications, like the flu fever, and should always be used over home remedies.

Who Is At Risk?

Children, pregnant women, those with chronic health conditions and the elderly are most at risk to experience severe complications. There is no flu cure and flu recovery can often be an unpleasant process.

What do I do now?

Whether you think you already have the flu or you merely want to protect against the flu, you should head to your local pharmacy to discuss influenza treatment. Many pharmacies, like Benzer Pharmacy, offer flu shots to aide the flu recovery process. Benzer Pharmacy offers flu vaccinations to all ages. It also offers a vegan influenza protection. Stop in today for free, personalized health advice from our highly trained pharmacists and health professionals.

Let the Benzer family help your family fight the flu this season.

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