Press Release: Benzer Pharmacies Bedside Delivery Program Transitions Patients From Hospital to Home

Posted By: benzer | July 24, 2018

Benzer Pharmacy is focused on maintaining the needs of service from Inpatient to Outpatient care, Benzer Pharmacy is delivering the required solution.

The transition from hospital to home can be a challenging one for patients. All at once, their environment changes from around-the-clock support to an outpatient structure that may offer contact as little as once a week. Benzer Pharmacy aims to smooth this transition by providing an integrated transition of care program that supports and guides patients through every change in their clinical care.

How is Benzer Helping The Patient Discharge Process?

Upon receiving notification of discharge, patients are normally tasked with organizing and obtaining their own prescriptions. Instead of requiring patients to pick up their medications once they have left the hospital, Benzer’s Bedside Delivery service provides patients with their prescriptions as inpatient care is wrapping up. Providing this services removes the need for patients to make dozens of calls and trips to nearby pharmacies. Bedside Delivery also includes an educational component that focuses on making sure every patient understands the purposes, benefits, and side effects of their medications.

What Are The Benefits of Benzer’s Bedside Delivery Program?

By providing patients with prescription and care information at the bedside, Benzer eases the transition from hospital to home. Failure to thrive and readmission is thus reduced, as patients are well informed about their care needs. Resulting in shorter hospital stays. Patients can now be discharged more quickly with detailed care plans, rather than hospitalized as long as possible. In this way, Benzer reduces costs for both the hospital and the patient. Benefits from the program extend past the patient, into the sphere of friends and family. Caregivers can play a role in Bedside Delivery and the transition of care overall. For patients requiring assistance after discharge, the role of the caregiver is vital. Benzer Pharmacy recognizes this and includes caregivers in the education and transition process. Informed caregivers lead to better patient outcomes by increasing the quality of home care.

Benzer Pharmacy is with patients every step of the way during the transition from inpatient to outpatient care. Led by a consultant pharmacist whose sole focus is patient well-being. Benzer’s transition of care program provides patients with the support and resources needed to make the move home successful. Unlike the traditional big-box pharmacy model, focuses on distributing prescriptions, Benzer Pharmacy prioritizes the patient. Every element of the transition from home to hospital focuses on supporting the patient; physical and mental needs are uniquely addressed through a combination of convenient pharmaceutical delivery and educational outreach.

Healthcare providers that are interested in partnering with Benzer Pharmacy to provide their patients with the highest level of transitory care should contact Aresaneuse Halaka at

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