Good Riddance: October 28th is National Take Back Day

We’ve all faced the dilemma at one time or another. Maybe we ordered an online refill before the doctor was convinced that there was a need, and now there’s not. Perhaps they are/were part of a service which automatically sends them out each month. It could be a situation where the potency is in question... (Read more)

FDA Acetaminophone warning

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It is known that too much Acetaminophen is not good for your liver but did you know that it is believed well over 56,100 people were sent to the emergency room for overdoes of Acetaminophen of which 500 died from Acute liver failure from over taking Acetaminophen, as well as consuming alcohol or some other... (Read more)

Powdered Pure Caffeine: Dietary Supplement?

Powdered Pure Caffeine is considered a dietary supplement and is not subject to FDA regulations. The FDA has issued a warning on this product that it is very dangerous and could lead to death. This product is pure caffeine and essentially one teaspoon of this caffeine powder equals 25 cups of coffee. If you liked... (Read more)