Good Riddance: October 28th is National Take Back Day

We’ve all faced the dilemma at one time or another. Maybe we ordered an online refill before the doctor was convinced that there was a need, and now there’s not. Perhaps they are/were part of a service which automatically sends them out each month. It could be a situation where the potency is in question... (Read more)
340B program drug pricing is a negotiated process between pharmaceutical companies and the government

340B Program Drug Pricing

The 340B program emerged in the early nineties under the Bush administration to provide a pharmaceutical purchasing reductions for specific covered entities. In essence, pharmaceutical manufacturers were asked to provide discounted drug pricing to private, non-profit or government-owned institutions where high drug costs can be detrimental to the intended public service. More specifically, children’s hospitals,... (Read more)
Thе 340B drug discount program іѕ nоw а U.S federal government program thаt requires drug manufacturers tо provide outpatient drugs tо eligible health care organizations аt а significantly reduced price.

340B Drug Discount Program

340B Drug Discount Program The 340B Drug Discount Program was created during the era of President George H. W Bush and was passed by Congress into law in 1992. The 340B drug discount program is now a U.S. federal government program that requires drug manufacturers to provide outpatient drugs to eligible health care organizations at... (Read more)

Trends in Specialty Pharmacy (2016)

What are the trends in specialty pharmacy? What to expect in the following period? Let’s see some insightful information from the industry. If you liked reading the blog, please like and share it... (Read more)