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Posted By: benzer | February 14, 2018

Diabetes affects nearly 10% of the US population. 89 million, one in three of the adult population in the USA is pre-diabetic (at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes). Currently, more than 30 million people suffer from the condition, although one in four don’t even know they have it. Of those, 90%-95% involve the “type 2” version of the disease. You may not require daily injections of insulin, but there is still a need to control the high level of glucose raging through your system. 

Signs of Diabetes

In fact, for individuals 45 years of age or older, overweight, have a family history of diabetes, or suffer from some other malady that may lead to diabetes, you are probably looking for ways to successfully treat and manage your symptoms. Left unchecked, diabetes is a killer! Without proper control of your glucose levels, without your pancreas pumping out the necessary insulin to keep things in check, a whole onslaught of medical issues, from high blood pressure and heart disease to kidney problems, nerve damage, and even blindness could be right around the corner.

New-Age Solution

If you are new to the world of diet and exercise, along with daily injections and/or other prescription treatments, all in an attempt to manage your condition, now is the perfect time to take matters into your own, high tech hands. It’s called HabitNu, and it’s being offered in conjunction with, efforts by the US Center for Disease Control. Habitnu is something brand new to the market and is on the cutting edge of patient/doctor/disease interaction.

By utilizing gadgets like the FitBit and/or wireless digital scale, this service gives patients access to a personal health coach. Including weekly lessons on how to take control of your condition. You even have access to small support groups (who are there when you need them). All offerings aim for the same goal – to reduce the impact of diabetes in your life. In the case of many Type 2 sufferers, reverse the condition all together.

It’s all about control. For people that are overweight, you run a significantly high risk for contracting diabetes. On the other hand, if you can lose between 5%-7% of your body weight (for a 200lb person, that’s approximately 10 to 14 pounds), you reduce your risk by as much as 58%. That’s significant!

What Sets Habitnu Apart?

When it comes to diabetes management programs, many patient complain about the lack of individualized attention. Most argue that there’s no possible way that a “one size fits all” formula will work across the board. HabitNu aims to change all of that. By giving you the tools to interact with your course of treatment and to hear from others about what works, in an effort to fine tune your approach. Thanks to input from experts, your chances of winning this particular ‘war’ increase dramatically with Habitnu. 

HabitNu, under the guidance of networks like Solera Health, helps to take the guess work out of how to live your life with, rather than struggle against the diagnosis. The lifestyle program is designed to help you change your old habits, with tips on how to lose weight, adopting healthy eating and exercise routines, all while providing guidance on lowering your risk for type 2 diabetes. As previously mentioned, Habitnu’s resources offer up to date features like FitBit and iPad/tablet connectivity to provide access and information 24/7.

Where To Access Habitnu

Sounds good, right? So the question remains – where can I access the HabitNu Diabetes Management Program? Go to, habitnu.com/benzer, for more information. Benzer Pharmacy is gearing up to expand this offering and help put you in touch with a localized source of support. The primary location for consultation is the Benzer Pharmacy Lady Lake location (13733 N US Hwy 441, Lady Lake, FL 32159), but don’t worry. Before you know it, HabitNu will be available everywhere you see our friendly neighborhood orange and green signs.

New technology and new vision requires a new approach. From cancer to the common cold, medicine is finding more and more inventive ways to reach out to its patients and provide an increased level of preventative care and support. Benzer is proud to be partnering with HabitNu to take on this deadly disease. The more we understand Type 2 Diabetes from both a physical and pragmatic position, the more HabitNu makes sense.

 Check Out This Video on The Success of HabitNu in the Chicago Area

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