Bringing the Promise of “Whole Patient Care” to the Neighborhood Pharmacy

Posted By: benzer | October 19, 2018
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Bringing the Promise of “Whole Patient Care” to the Neighborhood Pharmacy

In a perfect world, the role of the ideal pharmacy would be far greater than what most patients currently experience. The shortcomings are particularly evident in the impersonal, transactional exchanges that are so common in the majority of retail settings. People come in with the single-minded purpose of getting what they need and getting on with life as quickly as possible.

It is great if the health care need is something basic but not-so-great if there’s something more to it.

Unfortunately, these days, with the increasing complexity of many conditions and the medications required to treat them, the chances of there being “more to it” are greater than ever. And yet, the idea of going the extra mile to provide whole patient care just isn’t that common among the big players in the pharmacy business. In fact, you might say it’s counterintuitive to the prevailing profit motive.

Not on our watch.

Here at Benzer Pharmacy, our guiding philosophy is to support the efforts of independents in providing the full body of healthcare services to every customer. We believe that the neighborhood pharmacy can play a larger and far more substantial part in areas like medication therapy management (MTM), diabetes prevention and treatment, home delivery of prescriptions, and onsite immunizations, as well as routine lab testing (made possible through CLIA waivers for simple procedures like glucose meter tests and others). From our perspective, we envision a future for the retail pharmacy that will be defined by a holistic approach to healthcare that promotes overall wellness in settings that are conducive to healing. Even better, we’ve got a good company in that belief.

In a recent piece posted on, Laura Davis Taylor and Ed King, co-founders of the High Street Collective (a group that provides consultative services on the retail experience), spoke about the shape of things to come in healthcare delivery and the potential for making a difference at the source.

“What if we created a destination that was lush, that had aromatherapy, that had all the holistic things, as well as the pharma things that were combined into one thing to promote overall health,” King theorized. “People would [have] a place [they] would want to go, and want to hang out, and want to connect with people like themselves.”

Picking up on the point, Taylor added, “There’s also the opportunity for some of the more natural medicines and natural solutions to come in with the pharma, so that trend has a place to really bloom … it’s more of a holistic conversation where both sides of things are balanced, and again, the person in the middle is that trusted advisor.”

Those sentiments really do square with the Benzer Pharmacy philosophy of making the future of the pharmacy business reflect more of its celebrated past. Not in terms of a return to outdated practices, but precisely a throwback to a time when pharmacists called out to customers by name at the soda fountain and could suggest just the right cough drop by a rougher-than-usual sound in the throat.

That’s what today’s Benzer Pharmacy is all about. In that regard, the same thing the independent pharmacies have always been about.

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